A Day With Pikachu ‘Sweet Days Are Here’


The May Pikachu has been released!

Everybody meet Pikachu ‘Sweet Days Are Here’.


This is the fourth A day with Pikachu so far. We don’t know what day it will be released but if it’s like the last month it could be mid to end of May. The Pokemon Center US sends out emails to anyone who has subscribed as soon as the new Pikachu is available, however these sell out so quickly usually within the first 1-3 hours depending on how many times the site crashes. If you wish to view last months Pika ‘Blooming Curiosity.

I am unsure if the Pokemon Store released these images or if they have been leaked? If you pop onto the US website it still has “Mays” Pikachu blacked out. Oh well 🙂

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