Amanda Wellington’s Pokemon Giveaway


The star cricketer is giving away Pokemon item’s from her own collection!

To celebrate Amanda’s new YouTube and TikTok channels, she is giving back to the community with an amazing giveaway…but wait theirs more! Two that’s right TWO giveaways. If you don’t already know who Amanda is in the cricket world, you will certainly know her in the Pokemon world. Being a 90s kid herself we all understand what Pokemon was like back then.

Since starting her collection back in 2016, Amanda now has one of the largest Pokemon Collections in Australia. To share her love of Pokemon, ‘Secret Life of Wello’ was born. You can find Secret Life of Wello on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Now to the best part! The Giveaway!

Head over to either ‘Secret Life of Wello’ YouTube or Toktok to view the items and requirements of entry. We have for the YouTube Giveaway: a sealed 90s Pikachu Keyring, A Zard deck, boosters with coins and extra large Holo Pokemon Cards. For the TikTok giveaway: a sealed 90s Pikachu Keyring, boosters with coins and extra large Holo Pokemon Cards.

All you have to do is comment on the Video, Like and Subscribe! Hell I’d do it just for the Keyring!

Giveaway to be drawn on April 30th.

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