Pokemon TCG Expansion: Ancient Roar and Future Flash


Pokemon TCG Expansion: Ancient Roar and Future Flash Unveiled!

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) never ceases to amaze and excite collectors and players alike, and the latest announcement from the Japanese sets Ancient Roar and Future Flash is no exception. These captivating expansions were recently revealed during a tournament livestream in Japan, and they’re set to make waves when they release on October 27th.

For fans eagerly awaiting the English release, the good news is that the cards from Ancient Roar and Future Flash will become available in November’s English Paradox Rift set. This rare instance of Japanese sets being unveiled after their English counterparts adds an element of anticipation and excitement to the TCG community.

So far, the Pokemon Company has shared the following Ex’s and Secret Rares.

A Continuation of the Scarlet and Violet TCG Set

Ancient Roar and Future Flash represent the fourth expansion within the Scarlet and Violet TCG set. This dynamic series has consistently brought new elements and cards to the TCG landscape, keeping players and collectors engaged and eager for each new release.

With the introduction of these expansions, trainers can look forward to fresh strategies, powerful Pokémon, and exciting new cards that can enhance their decks and gameplay. The anticipation for these sets is reaching a fever pitch as the release date draws nearer.

Unveiling the Card Packs

As collectors and players eagerly await the release, it’s worth noting some key details about the card packs in Ancient Roar and Future Flash. Each box contains 30 packs, and within each pack, you’ll find 5 cards. The sheer variety within these sets is staggering, with 66 types of cards ready to be discovered. Additionally, there’s an unknown amount of secret rare cards that will be randomly enclosed, ensuring that each pack holds the promise of something unique.

If you would like to order your own booster boxes direct from Japan you can order in each one here: Ancient Roar and Future Flash.

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