Arcanine Large Windy Plush


The Pokémon Center Japan have announced a new super large plush!

This morning the Pokemon Center Japan have announced a new large plush called a Large Windy stuffed animal. Look at that Arcanine, it looks like a large stuff tiger for sure! The plush is 1/2 the size of a real Arcanine (from the Pokedex), half the size sounds small but its actually huge at 150 long and 70cm tall, with a width of 60cm. This large flame boy is actually 5.25kgs in weight. I would have to say its the heaviest plush I’ve seen to date, but look at his beautiful Maine!

Lets have a look 🙂

He is like having your own medium size dog! Made from Polyester and foam, he keeps his sitting form nice and strong. This item is currently exclusive to the Pokemon Center Japan online store (as Japan stores are currently closed).

I am not currently taking orders as I have to work out a way to get this big fella over from Japan (postage will be a killing!). If you wish to keep an eye out, you can sign up for notification updates here.

From today pre orders are open, as this is a large plush, they are made to order, just like when the PC did the large Zeraora plush. Dispatched date is listed as Mid March 2022.

Author: Jesska

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