Armour Beginnings

A new online competition for the Pokemon DLC!

Earn battle points by testing your new Pokemon skills against pokemon trailers all over the world. This latest competition is to celebrate the latest Pokemon Expansion pack ‘Isle of Armour’.

Here’s all the deets:

It is a worldwide competition so anyone can enter.

Registration is from July 15th to the 23rd.

The Tournament starts on July the 23rd until the 26th.

The ranking results will be announced in August

It is a single battle competition

Mythical Pokemon are not allowed to participate

Legendaries and Gigantamax Pokemon are allowed but require the battle ready symbol.

Pokemon caught in the Isle of Armour will already have the battle ready symbol. If you wish to use a Pokemon not from the Isle, you will need to do the following to obtain the battle ready symbol.

‘By speaking with the character next to the door in the center of the Battle Tower, you can make Pokémon from previous games in the Pokémon series forget moves and receive the battle-ready symbol. Pokémon with the battle-ready symbol can participate in Ranked Battles and Online Competitions, which previously only allowed Pokémon obtained in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield. Be aware that moves that cannot be used in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be forgotten when the battle-ready symbol is applied to your Pokémon. These moves cannot be remembered.’

Just by competing in at least one battle in the Armor Beginnings you will earn a participation gift of 50 battle points.

So jump on and register! I will meet you in the competition!

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