Bandai Mini Figure & 1996 Repo Card


As I am myself a Pokemon collector, some of my favourite items are back from the very begining in 1996. Those chubby cheeks and crazy artwork cards, I think anyone could love them.
The World Hobby Fair did a web vote back in June earlier this year. Based on the votes they collected everyone preferred the first gen (the original) 151 Pokemon. And you wont believe it they actually listened!
Bandi just announced there new blind box collection! Now there are so many things I love about these, I don’t even know where to start.

The outer box

8 year old me is dying! These boxes are gameboy themed! Bring back the 90’s! This is a perfect collector’s item whether you are a Pokemon or Nintendo fan. There are 5 different coloured boxes to choose from.

Mini Figure

We all have that one random old school figure in our house somewhere, its discoloured and you cant even remember where it came from but it reminds you of simplier days. Now we can get new ones!  There are 10 different little Pokemon figures hidden in each box at random. They also threw something else in if we weren’t already hooked. There’s also one secret Pokemon! We don’t know if there is only one? a few? or hundreds?

1996 Japanese Repo Card

Bandi Cards! Now this is Pokemon. Those original 1996 cards were a work of art! I’m sure all TCG fans know that they don’t make cards like this anymore. So what do we do? Let’s make repos! Using the original 1996 Japanese artwork. Each box will have one of these repo cards at random.
Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 10.13.09 pm

Pre-Order’s are now available!

So the real questions is…. What Pokemon will you get?


Don’t forget to use the code ‘newspaper’ when pre-ordering in your cart!

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