Bandai New Mini Figure


Bandai is set to release a new set on Mini Figures (also known as finger puppets) based on Sun & Moon.

These fall after the high success of the last Bandai Mini Figures that were based on the original 151. Click here!

This time the main Pokemon is Meltan.


Each box contains 1 of 15 mini Pokemon figures and piece of gum. As per usual these come in blind boxes. The Pokemon to collect are:

1. Meltan
2. Pikachu
3. Rowlet
4. Litten
5. Popplio
6. Torracat
7. Alohan Vupix
8. Eevee (water lily Eevee)
9. Brionne
10. Shaymin (Landform)
11. Golisopod
12. Vikavolt
13. Lunala
14. Ultra Necrozuma

and one super rare! We are yet to find out what Pokemon it is.

These new Bandi Blind boxes will be available from May 22nd at Japan Pokemon Centers as well as online.

Who can guess what the secret rare is?

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