Battle Academy 3


Pokemon Battle Academy 3 Unveiled: A Perfect Introduction to Pokemon Card Battles

Get ready for an exciting new installment as Pokemon introduces “Battle Academy 3” in Japan, promising an immersive and accessible experience for both seasoned players and newcomers to the world of Pokemon card games. Designed with the essence of Daigo taste, this set aims to repel the competition in the realm of Pokemon battles.

Key Features of Battle Academy 3

  1. Perfect for All Skill Levels: Battle Academy 3 is carefully crafted to cater to players of all levels, providing a set that allows even those unfamiliar with Pokemon card games to engage in thrilling battles.
  2. Four Unique Decks: The set includes four distinct decks, featuring Pikachu ex, Nyaoha ex, Gekkouga ex, and Lucario ex. Each deck is ready for battle, offering a diverse range of gameplay experiences.
  3. Comprehensive Game Elements: Battle Academy 3 comes complete with Pokemon coins, Damekan, throat/burn markers, and playmats, ensuring that players can dive into the action immediately with friends and family.
  4. Easy-to-Learn Rules: New players can enjoy a hassle-free introduction to Pokemon card games with the included guide. Choose between booklet and video versions for a learning experience tailored to your preferences.
  5. Step-Up Guide: Once you’ve played, the included step-up guide helps you remember and reinforce the rules, ensuring a smooth transition into more advanced gameplay.
  6. Convenient Storage: Keep your decks organized with the “weird deck band” and store them effortlessly with others in the “weird box.” Additionally, a Damecan case is provided for easy storage of Damecan.
  7. Anywhere, Anytime Battles: Enjoy the ease of starting Battle Academy 3 and delve into the world of Pokemon battles whenever and wherever you please.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon card game enthusiast or a beginner looking to dive into the excitement, Battle Academy 3 offers a comprehensive and enjoyable package to make Pokemon battles accessible to all.

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