Battle Region TCG Expansion


Battle Region TCG Expansion artwork and cards revealed!

Pokemon Center Japan have revealed more cards and the booster art for the new TCG expansion Battle Region. This new expansion includes Hisuian Pokemon forms, from the Pokemon Legends game.

In this set there is 71 new cards to collect, as well as secret rares. Each booster box has 20 boosters, each with 6 cards each.

Check out the new V Star and V rares below 🙂

Some of these Trainer Arts we have already seen as images were released earlier this month.

This is the first expansion with the new ‘Luxury Mirror’ cards. This will replace the standard reverse holo cards in the set. The Luxury Mirror cards have shiny Pokeballs on the card, like below.

The expansion is set to be released in Japan Pokemon Centers and online on February 25th. I currently have a interest list sign up here.

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