Battle Showdown event!


After a short break, we get a new event focused on fighting Pokemon, gyms and battles!

From March 5, 2019 at 1pm PST until March 12, 2019 at 1pm PST we will have:

  • Increased spawns of fighting-type Pokemon like Mankey, Machop, Makuhita, and Meditite
  • The chance of catching a shiny Mankey and shiny Machop!
  • Double Stardust on captures, Raids and Battles
  • Double XP earned on Gym Badges
  • The chance to earn up to five rewards per day from Trainer Battles
  • The chance to earn up to three rewards per day from Training with the Team Leaders
  • A new move added, Power-Up Punch
mankey machop

Shiny Mankey and shiny Machop family

My thoughts

This is you opportunity to complete those Gold Gym Badges more quickly, collect some valuable Stardust, and more chances at TMs, Rare Candy and Sinnoh Stones from Battles and Training! Get out and fight!

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