Bidoof Day – Full Update!


The Pokémon Company has announced July 1st as official Bidoof Day

Last night you would have notice all the official Pokémon pages (Facebook, Insta, Twitter) the default pictures changed to this cutie lil mouse boy. Starting this year July 1st has become Bidoof Day. I get that he looks like a goundhog? And its probably a Pokemon US idea, but I don’t think I’m totally bought yet. Nothing has been released as to what will happen on July 1st, but their will be a variety of celebrations that involve this little beaver boy.

So far their is a Bidoof Pokemon Go event.


Pokemon TCG Online Event

To celebrate Bidoof Day, players of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will receive a Bidoof Deck Box, Sleeves and Coin if they log in between July 1st and July 7th


Pokemon Center US Merch

Looks like Bidoof clothing is coming to the US store sometime today!

Majorrrrr Update!

Everyone who has emailed subbed to Newsletter would of got a beavery email this morning with all of the Bidoof events, videos and items. In case you werent subbed I have included everything below 🙂

First up is the Bidoof Announcement Video

Next, We have two Bidoof themed wallpapers available for download – Download Here!

Then, There is also a Bidoof Twitch Channel that will run from 9.00-5.00 today – View Here!

As announced earlier our Bidoof Merch has now been released on the Pokemon Center US site. Sadly most of the merch is already sold out, besides the Bidoof Plush which is only a Pre-Order and the Bidoof plush hat. Lets have a suss!

Last but not least the most important announcement of all!

A new special delivery Promo Card!!

Now this is no normal promo card, its very exclusive. So instead of everyone getting one (if you place an order of $20 or more on the US store) you need to register your interest in wanting this card. Then the Pokemon Company will announce if you get one and give you a promo code to use on the website to redeem your card (with your order of course). So it’s a little sucky! By July 10th all codes will be sent.

Register your interest here 🙂

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