CASETiFY x Pokemon


CASETiFY have announced a Pokemon Collaberation!

CASETiFY located in LA, has announced another Pokemon collaboration with its new ‘Pokemon Pixel’ themed. In this collection there is IPhone Cases, Samsung Cases, Airpod Pro Cases, A 3D Pokeball for Airpods, Apple Watch Bands and Air Keychain holders. Below you can have a suss on what the designs will be.

There is also a Pokemon Premium Case Box!

This limited collectors box includes 3 special metallic cases with our Arceus Legend buddies.

CASETiFY is giving away 3 Premium Case Boxes too 3 lucky winners who enter their Pokemon Quiz Competion. This can be found on their page here to enter. Release Date for the collection is March 22nd so in a week or so, however if you are a premium CASEFiTY member you will get priorty access on March 21st. Lets hope they don’t sell out so we can get our hands on it. For now they have a wait list sign up which you can do here.

I cant decided what case I’d want but I need one of those Apple Watch Bands for sure!

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