Charcadet, Grafaiai, Tinkatink, and Palafin Pokemon Dolls


Pokemon Center Japan Unveils Adorable Charcadet, Grafaiai, Tinkatink, and Palafin (Hero Form) Pokemon Dolls

Pokémon enthusiasts, get ready to add some irresistible cuteness to your collection as the Pokemon Center Japan introduces a delightful quartet of plushies. Charcadet, Grafaiai, Tinkatink, and Palafin (Hero Form) have joined the esteemed ranks of Pokemon Dolls, offering fans the perfect opportunity to bring these charming characters into their homes.

The Newest Additions

Charcadet Pokemon Doll

Charcadet, the adorable dual-type Pokemon, comes to life in plush form. With its distinct features and captivating charm, this plushie is a must-have for fans of this lovable creature.

Grafaiai Pokemon Doll

Grafaiai, showcasing its unique design and vibrant colors, is now available as a Pokemon Doll. This plushie captures the essence of Grafaiai’s character, making it a delightful addition to any Pokemon collection.

Tinkatink Pokemon Doll

Tinkatink, with its whimsical appearance, is transformed into an enchanting plushie. This cute and cuddly rendition is bound to bring joy to fans who appreciate the charm of Tinkatink.

Palafin (Hero Form) Pokemon Doll

Palafin in its Hero Form takes center stage as a Pokemon Doll. With intricate detailing and a heroic stance, this plushie captures the essence of Palafin’s evolved form.

These charming Pokemon Dolls are available for purchase at the Pokemon Center in Japan and can be ordered in directly with my ‘Order In Service’ Here.

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