Chinese Pokemon Conflux Deck Building Advanced Gift Box


Introduction to the New Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is about to get even more exciting with the introduction of the “Convergence” card group, a highly anticipated addition that offers new strategies and gameplay mechanics. If you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of the “Convergence” card group, now is the perfect time to dive in with the newly launched Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box.

Highlights of the Convergence Card Group

The “Convergence” card group introduces unique mechanics that enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Genesect V: This card’s “Convergence System” ability allows it to be used multiple times per round, adding a strategic layer to your battles.
  • Radiant Small Juer: This supporter card lets you attach two “Convergence Energy” in a single turn, accelerating your setup.
  • Powerful Sugar Ingot: This item card can be used multiple times in a round, providing significant boosts.
  • Gem Energy: When attached to a “Convergence” Pokémon, it acts as any attribute energy and is immune to opponent effects, offering versatility and protection.

These features ensure that the “Convergence” card group operates smoothly, providing a fun and engaging experience for players.

What’s Inside the Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box?

For those new to the “Convergence” card group, the Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box is an excellent starting point. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Dream V-Small Card, Genesect V-Slash Card, Flower Dance Bird: One of each card.
  2. Trainer Cards: 24 cards that help support your gameplay strategy.
  3. Special Energy Cards: 3 cards that offer unique benefits.
  4. Basic Energy Cards: 10 cards for each of the 8 properties, providing the necessary energy for your Pokémon.
  5. Dream Theme Injury Indicator Storage Box: A stylish storage solution for your injury indicators.
  6. Dream Theme Injury Indicator Dice: Six dice themed around Dream Pokémon.
  7. Dream Theme Coin Dice: One coin dice for gameplay.
  8. Huiyao Energy Special Package: One package containing two random cards, adding an element of surprise.
  9. Nine-Color Convergence Source Supplementary Package: Six packages, each containing 25 cards to enhance your collection.
  10. Dream Theme Card Storage Box: Includes two partitions to keep your cards organized.

Special Features

  • Fantasy Theme Accessories: The gift box includes a Dream-themed injury indicator storage box, six dice, and a coin dice, all featuring beautiful illustrations and designs.
  • New Illustrated Dream V: The gift box features a new illustration of Dream V, depicting the Pokémon in a dynamic, forward-moving pose that adds charm to your collection.

Availability and Pricing

  • Release Date: July 12, 2024
  • Recommended Retail Price: 390 Yuan/box

The Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box is packed with everything you need to get started with the “Convergence” card group. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Pokémon TCG, this set offers a comprehensive and enjoyable way to explore new strategies and enhance your deck.

Ready to start your Convergence journey? Get your hands on the Convergence Card Group Advanced Gift Box and experience the fun and excitement of the latest Pokémon TCG expansion!

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