Choose your weapon: Sword? Or Shield?


The Japanese website has unveiled some big news in regards to the upcoming sword and shield expansion set to release in February.

The first major piece of information is a tentative confirmation (due to translation reliability) on the three prize rule which was introduced with Tag Team GX Pokemon which will be implemented into the VMAX cards.

Another interesting detail is that this expansion seems to be split in half again to create to “Sub-expansions” divided under the titles “Sword” and “Shield”.

The VMAX Lapras being exclusive to the Sword list and the VMAX Snorlax will be mixed into the Shield list.

We also get to see two new V cards in Stonjourner V and Indeedee V.

From the rough translations Stonjourner has the ability to reduce incoming damage by 20 while Indeedee has the ability to heal the active Pokemon for 20hp.

Overall, I’m a little surprised by the idea of the dividing the set in two like this however it is super unclear how they intend to implement it. A small part of me wants to believe that it will be simply divided and packaged as “Sword” and “Shield” and then released on the same day or will they be packed together in booster boxes but the booster pack designs are what dictate what list of cards you have access to?

When I hear more, I promise you guys will be the first to know.

The card lists for each sublist can be found here:




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