Colourful and Colourfully Pokemon Collection

Items with colorful illustrations of Pokémon, drawn by popular illustrator Horaguchi Kayo are coming.

This collection specializes in fashionable household items and stationary. If you love colourful happy designs, this is the collection for you. It will certainly brighten your mood to do some cooking in a Pokemon apron than just a regular apron…well it will for me!

Let’s see what we have.

About the designer.


[Horaguchi Kayo] As an
Horaguchi is an apparel designer, after designing clothes and textiles, became a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Announced many colorful and unique works with the theme of “Happy and happy just by watching”. They are also involved in merchandise development, corporate advertising, and various collaborations, and are gaining popularity in a wide range of fields.

This collection is to be released on September 14th in Pokemon Centers around Japan as well as online.

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