COOL x METAL Collection


The COOL x METAL Collection has just been announced by Pokemon Japan!

A new Pokemon collection has been announced for Pokemon Center Japan, which focus’ on Steel type Pokemon. This collection has a range of items from shirts, cups, matts to even hand made Jewellery and figures. The items in this set are made/designed by three different companies, this is very unusual as its normally one company at a time. The office accessories were designed by ‘Moleskine’ an Italy company, the shirts were designed by ‘NC Empire’ a company that deals with pop and hard graphic illustrations and finally the metal figures and jewerlly is designed and made by a local Japanese company ‘Jam Home Made’, the specialize in hand made products.

Check out the items below:

This collection is set to be released on On Saturday, May 28th in Pokemon Centers in Japan and on the online store. I personally really really love the metal figures and Jewellery. As the Jewellery items are hand made from Silver the price is very expensive, they vary from about $220 each and that’s without importing them yet.

I don’t currently have any of these items up for pre order, however if you wish to get one, you can request them on the special order service.

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