Cute and Pop Ponyta Collection

Ponyta has been given a new pop look by James Turner!

This new collection includes both normal and galarian Ponyta. It includes some plushes, plush mascots, apparel, bags and cases. This collection’s art was created by none other than James Turner. James is most known for his recent works on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Game. We also have yet another collab in this collection with Milkfed. Milkfed is a clothing brand for the casual woman.

Info about James Turner

James Turner

James Turner is an art designer who England who now resides in Tokyo Japan. He has design numerous Pokemon and was the art director for the Pokemon Sword and Shield games.

Info About Milkfed

MILK FED. logo

Milkfed is a brand that promotes the elegant yet casual items you would wear in daily life. It’s main focus is fashionable styles for women.

So lets look at the items!

This collection is set to release on on July 18th (Saturday), in Pokemon Centers and online around Japan.

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