Daniel Arsham Debuts New Crystalized Charmander Figure


Artist Daniel Arsham is back!

American artist Daniel Arsham has released a new Pokémon Sculpture to his Crystalized Pokémon Collection. Last year everyone would have seen his Pikachu Sculpture along with a collab with UNIQIO releasing T-shirts with the Crystal Pika design. This time the Pokémon of choice is Charmander. I’m glad he did one of the OG starters.

The Charmander Sculpture is a hand sculp[ted model made from white cast resign and crusted crystal (hence the Crystalized name). This time Charmander will not be painted and left full white, even his tail flame. The size of the sculpture is 33cm tall and weighing about 6.1kg, so he’s a heavy boy. There will only be 500 made and sold on Daniel Arshams personal artist site.

Each Char will be contained in a box cushioned with die-cut foam and comes with a pair of custom art handling gloves and a holographic label of authenticity. We don’t want him to get damaged or touched with oily fingers, this would be a collectors piece that would only double in value.

I am not currently taking any orders for these, but if you are interest please visit my ‘Special Order Service‘ section.

Author: Jesska

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