Eevee Crazy!

U-Treasure have gone Eevee Crazy!
They have just released their new line of Eeveelution jewellery. First gen? or six gen eeveelutions, doesn’t matter because they are all there!

There are 4 types that are available:

  • Silver
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold

Now how do we get them?
Stop by the U-treasure store in Shinjuku, Japan. You can order them online through their store and have them delivered (this is also available for world wide! however the instructions online are a tad confusing) OR if you are travelling to Japan, you can order online and collect in the Shinjuku Store. I personally purchased a umbreon and espeon ring online and collected, in March during my Japan trip.
It just depends?
How bad do you want one?

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