Eevee Tamagotchi


It’s finally official!

Tamagotchi and The Pokémon Company are teaming up for the first official Pokémon Tamagotchi!
Any 90s kid remembers our little pocket sized friends. I use to take mine to school and hide it in my pencil case.
Looks like Pokémon are bringing out all the stops! These Eevee version Tamagotchi’s will be released in Japan, January of next year. At this stage there is no talk of an English version, so everybody better do a refresh of their Japanese skills.
The Tamagotchi comes in two styles, pink or yellow. Both of these have Eevee as the virtual pet.
The best thing about these is that you can evolve your Eevee. That’s right! If you take extra special care of your pocket Eevee, it can evolve into one of the eight eeveelutions.
This is the first site of a new Pokémon virtual pet since 1998 when they released the ‘Pocket Pikachu’. This was a huge hit all around the world, with Multiple different handset styles available.
Will they bring out new Pokémon Tamagotchi’s?
Wouldn’t it be perfect to carry around your own little starter Pokémon?


It’s here! The Eevee Tamagotchis have been released to the world, some of us are still waiting for the mail man, however people in Japan are already playing with their eevee pet.
A feature I am very happy with is, Eevee CANNOT die! Even the digimon digital monsters would die if you stopped feeding them or giving them attention. But, as Pokemon do not die in our lovely Pokemon world (they faint), if you ignore your Eevee pet it will simply return back to it’s Pokeball for next time. He does get a little upset but you wont see that little dun dun dunnnn death face!
Here is a video of a live unboxing. This can keep us going until our parcels get here.

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