Espeon Build-A-Bear

A new Eeveelution has been released at Build-A-Bear!

During last night Build-A Bear US released a new Pokémon bear to its online store. Following on for the original Eeveelutions which have been released already, we have Espeon. I am quiet happy them kept going as Espeon was my favourite Eeveelution. There is two variants, US and Australia.

Epseon US version is bought in a bundle online which includes:

  • Espeon Bear
  • Espeon 5-in-1 Sound Card
  • Espeon Cape
  • Espeon Sleeper

If the past has taught us anything it wont be too long until this guy reaches Build-A-Bear Australia. As soon as I know I will update this post 🙂


Espeon has now been announced at the Australian Build-A-Bear stores. At this stage its only the bear itself, not accessories. The purple ball cape will be available soon (TBC), In store only! Ring your stores guys!

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