Exclusive Leon & Charizard Figure


A new exclusive figure has been announced in Japan!

Today a new figure was announced of the Japanese Pokémon Twitter account, is Leon and his partner Charizard. The artwork by Mr. Naoki Siato was the inspiration for this figure, with a Winning stance of Leon with his arms high up in the air, while Charizard growls gracefully. What I find interesting with this figure is it actually comes in two parts, the pokeball base splits into too, with one half with Leon and the other with Charizard. I guess if you have small shelves? It’s a good idea.

Lets have a suss at this bad boy!

Looks EXACTLY as the illustration hey. Man the Japanese know how to make amazing Pokémon stuff that’s for sure. The size of the figure is approx 24.5cm x 28cm x 26cm and is about 1.4kg in weight. It doesn’t say what material it’s made from but being a kg I would imagine resin or a heavy plastic?

The quanity of these is extremely limited and they are make to order only. Orders start today until August 31st, so if you want one, make sure to jump onto our store here to order, as once these are gone that’s it. Shipment date is listed as Jan 2022. This figure is exclusive to the Pokémon Center Japan.

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