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Alrighty, so, it’s expansion time for the Pokemon TCG in Japan. This time around it comes in the form of the BW/XY “Extra Regulation Box”.

This set looks to reprint a whole heap of cards that have made a name for themselves in the expanded (extra) format. Some cards of particular note that look like they’ll be getting reprints are Shaymin EX, Computer Search, Battle Compressor and many more.

The set looks like it’s being released for a nationwide expanded event called ‘Extra Battle Day’ which will happen in stores across Japan.

The product information goes as follows:

Pokemon Card Game BW / XY
“Extra Regulation Box”

Release date Friday, October 4 , 2019


・ 201 cards (57 types)

・ Deck shield x 1 set (64 sheets)

・ Card box × 1
card Total number of cards: 57 types
42 Pokemon (21 types), 47 trainers (25 types), 4 special energies (2 types), 108 energies (9 types x 12 each) )
* This product includes cards that cannot be used in standard regulation competitions.
* All the cards included in this product are re-recorded from products released in the past.
* All cards included in this product are normal cards.
* All items are the same.
* Due to the nature of the product, there are multiple identical cards.

Going off this information it is safe to say that this product may very well be a fixed product. Other important things to note are that there are a lot of cards included that are illegal in standard play which really ties in the emphasis to the expanded format. Overall, it looks like a brilliant way into the expanded format without forking out a particularly large amount of cash and trying to track down some of these cards that are out of print.

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