Farfetch’d Three Onions Story Collection

Goods with a Farfetch’d theme are coming to the Pokemon Center!

A short story was released on the Pokemon Company Youtube Channel yesterday (8/10/2020). In this short 1.5min video is a story about two Farfetch’d and a Sirfetch’d adventure and growing through battles. Watch the video below.

To entwin with the short story the Pokemon Company has partnered up with an amazing artist, Hyogonosuke.

■ Hyogonosuke

■ Hyogonosuke
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture. Artist.
The bold depiction of light and shadow and the gentle and emotional style of a picture book leave something warm in the heart of the viewer. He is active in a wide range of genres, including illustrations for children’s books such as “Cryptographic Club,” “Futago Detective,” and “Horror Yokocho 13”, and illustrations for “Pokemon Card Game.

So now that we know what it’s all about lets look at the merchandise. This collection has everything from plushes, pillows, pens, shirts, phone cases, TCG card boxes and even sticky tape.

This collection is set to be released in Pokemon Centers around Japan on the 24th of October.

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