Finally a new Pokémon limited edition console!


That’s right guys!
Nintendo have given us a heads up on their new Pokémon themed switch.
And time we can also choose! Not a big pikachu fan? That’s okay there’s also an eevee version. The only difference between the too is the box artwork and the pre install Let’s Go game.

Each console includes a custom dock, joycons, rear silhouette, Pokéball accessory and the pre installed game. These can now be preordered at a price of $599AUD. The game can be purchased separately at $79.95AUD or get the game in a bundle with the Pokéball accessory at $129.95AUD.
Make sure either way you get the Pokéball accessory, as it’s the only way to get the special in game bonus. A mew!

It’s been a few years since Nintendo have brought out a Pokémon Themed Console (besides handhelds). The first Pokémon themed console was the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. Followed by the Nintendo GameCube and other gameboy handheld versions.

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