First Slowpoke Mailbox in Japan

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Japan has official unveiled its first Pokemon mailbox in the Kagawa Prefecture!

In Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, the worlds first Pokemon mailbox has been installed. It’s not just for show it is a real JP Post, Post box. People around Takamatsu City can now post in a Pokemon theme hahaha. I guess I would love to see some of these. The mail gets collected from the box but not just like every other, with it’s own Slowpoke themed Post Truck.

Why Slowpoke? Why Noodles?

I know we would love a Mew or a Charizard or god even an Onix according to the Pokemon polls lately, but Slowpoke is the official Pokemon Ambassador for the Kagawa prefecture. There is even a Slowpoke Day which is from August 10 to August 12. The Noodles on the other hand are a completely different story. Since Slowpoke’s name translates to “Yadon”, thats one syllable off from “udon”. Plus who doesn’t love noodles!

We don’t know if the Pokemon post box will be permanent, but my guess’s are more and more of these will start to pop up in other parts of Japan. I predict sandshrew next! (He’s the Tottori Prefecture Ambassador).

The central Japan Post office in Takamatsu City also received a Pokémon makeover and will allow visitors starting December 31, 2021.

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