“Fleur de Coquelicot” Collection

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“Fleur de Coquelicot” Eevee Collection Blooms at Pokemon Center with Delightful Poppy Flower Motifs!

Attention all Eevee fans, get ready to add some adorable and stylish new items to your collection! The Pokemon Center has recently announced the release of their new “Fleur de Coquelicot” Eevee collection, featuring a poppy flower motif perfect for the upcoming spring season.

The new merchandise includes float glasses and dessert glasses with a charming retro design, and accessories with a lovely pink-gold hue. You can also look forward to a 3-piece set of silk eye masks, nightcaps, and bed covers, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. The collection’s design features the popular Eevee surrounded by poppy flowers, giving the products a fresh and delicate feel.

The Fleur de Coquelicot collection is sure to be a fan favourite, with its unique and stylish designs that capture the essence of springtime

This collection is set to be released in Pokemon Centers around Japan and online on the 23rd of March. I don’t currently have any of these items up for pre order, but send me a message and I’m happy to look for you.

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