Flocked Bulbasaur and Charmander Pop Vinyls


The goods from Emerald City ComicCon have made it to Australia!

Earlier this year it was announced that two flocked Pokemon pop vinyls would be not only revealed but available at this years Emerald City Comicon. Due to the current health scare the Comicon event has been postponed to later on this year Lucky for us they still released the flocked pops!

Here we have:



Both are now in store and can be found here!
Char | Bulba

What is a flocked pop? I had NO IDEA! All it is, is the pop has a little fluffy like coating on top. I like to think of it as a soft touch. Either way if your a collector like myself, you’ll by the limited variant anyway. The flocked pop’s do cost slightly more at $24.95 instead of $14.95, still that’s not a big jump.

A flocked Pika and Squirtle has already been released last month, but you can only purchase them within the collectors box.

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