Flying Pikachu Project


Japan’s Okinawa island will be getting a fun Pikachu makeover, Pokémon Planes, Trains and Bus’s!

The Pokemon Company has announced a new “Flying Pikachu Project” in Okinawa. During this Flying Pikachu Project there will be new products, events, and promotions to the island.

How amazing is this Plane OH MY GOD. So fan girling here, we haven’t seen a Pika plane since 2011. The Japanese have gone all out too with Pokémon themed interior and items for the flyers. Its not ANA this time but a low-cost airline in Japan called Skymark.

In addition to this, various monorail trains and buses in Okinawa will also get a Flying Pikachu makeover!

Check them out below:

On 17 July 2021, an exclusive Pikachu plush wearing Kariyushi wear (an aloha shirt with Okinawa-born designs) will also go on sale exclusively at various Pokémon stores and pop-up shops at AEON MALL Okinawa, Naha Airport, and Department Store Ryubo, in Japan.

The Plane took 18 days to Pokemonize!

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