FRAGMENT Pikachu Crystals


Baccarat x Pokémon Collaboration!

 A French crystal manufacturer ”Baccarat” has teamed up with the Pokémon Company in the US to bring us some very special 25th anniversary collectables. There is three different Pokémon themed crystal items, a Pikachu, a pokeball (looks more like a premier ball to me) and the most rarest one of the lot a FRAGMENT Pikachu.

The standard Pikachu Crystal is about 15cm tall and the Pokeball is about 7cm in diameter. Ready for the big one? The special FRAGMENT Pikachu is a whopping 30cm tall and costs about $25,000 USD. Why so much? Well besides that it is a bloody big crystal item, it was also designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara and is a highly collectable item, with only 25 being made in the world.

Lets have a look 🙂

Baccarat also released a short video on the design and Crystal forming processing, its actually pretty cool! You can check it out below.

I am currently taking orders for Pikachu and Pokeball now 🙂

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