Free Ash’s Dracovish 


Free Ash’s Dracovish on Mystery Gift!

The Pokemon Company has given us another free gifty on our Pokemon Sword and Shield switch games. This time you can get a Dracovish, but not any Dracovish, this one is based on the same one Ash Ketchym uses in the Pokemon Anime when he is in the Pokemon Masters Tournament.

Code: GANJ0UAG0882 

The code is live now until August 25th so there is a decent amount of time to download your free Pokemon. If you haven’t watched the anime Dracovish will have the following details:

Level: 80

Nature: Naive

Ability: Strong Jaw


  • Fishious Rend
  • Dragon Rush
  • Ice Fang
  • Water Gun

Make sure to be connected to the internet on your game to claim the Pokemon via Mystery Gift.

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