Gigantamax Pokemon Plush

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Finally Gigantamax Pokemon Plushes are here!

I am so excited! Pokemon has just announced the first Gigantamax plushes. What I even like the most is that they did the first 5 Gigas that we could located in the game. So far in pokemon Shield I am only missing the Pika Giga, as I had the Pokemon Lets go Eevee game isntalled on my switch console.

So far I do not have any measurements, whether they are standard size plushes or large ones (large ones would suit better being Gigantamax). Prices range from 3-5000 yen, as some plushes are larger then others. In this collection there is also shirts, mats and A4 sleeves.

Release date is May 2nd for Pokemon Centers around japan and the online store. Hopefully the Covid epidemic will be slowing down so we can get some of these items. At the moment most Pokemon Centers and Stores are shut. Any further updates and Ill you guys know 🙂


It has been confirmed that Meowth is 41cm tall, using the images they also released of the real plushes, this helps us to estimate each Pokémon’s size. Man there are some MAX plushes!

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