Gigantamax Toxtricity


The Gigantamax of Toxtricity has been discovered in the Wild Area!

Our favourite air guitar playing lizard now has it’s own Gigantamax form.

He will appear in Max Raid Battle in the Wild area from Friday 10.30am until Monday the 9th of March 11.30am (South Australian Time). Check out the trailer below.

Let’s check out his special moves!

Poisonous Liquid

This move stores electricity within its body like a big thundercloud, it also stores over one million litres of poison. Everytime Toxtricity moves its poisionious liquid gushes out and effects its rivals with rain like acid.

When it’s voltage reaches the max!

In battle it uses it stored electricity and slams it down with gigantic force. Troxtricity will use its whole body, using its momentum to it;s advantage. This move is so powerful that it can create a huge crater in the ground.

G-Max Move, Stun Shock!

Toxtricity’s G-Max move isn’t only super charged with electricity but also poison. Once this attack hits it;s rival it will not only give damage but poisons or paralyzes its opponent. This will make him that little bit harder to catch I would imagine.

What makes Toxtricity special? It is avaliable to catch in two different forms. First the Amped Form of Toxtricity is obtainable in Pokémon Sword and the Low Key Form Toxtricity is obtainable in  Pokémon Shield.

Don’t forget to turn on your internet connection in the Wild Area. You will need to be connected to the internet to be able to find Toxtricity in the Wild Area Dens.

Happy Hunting!

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