GO Snapshot: a new feature coming soon!


Go Snapshot is a brand new feature that will allow Trainers to take AR pictures of any Pokemon in their Pokemon Storage at any time. The feature will be available when looking at a Pokemon or by using the Camera in your Bag.

Instructions are simple: Select the Pokemon and tap on an area on the screen to throw the Pokeball there. You can then move around the Pokemon to find your desired angle. You can also brush across the Pokemon to call its attention and make it face you. You can snap many pictures and they will all be saved to your device automatically. There will be a feature to share your pictures in social media easily.

My thoughts

Go Snapshot can be like a portable Pokemon Snap but with the big advantage that you can put any Pokemon that you have captured in any environment that you are in. I remember saving certain Field Research to open them in a specific location so I could take a cool picture. I am a big fan of AR pictures. AR+ was a big upgrade to the feature and Go Snapshot will definitely take AR pictures to a new level, definitely looking forward to it!

Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64
Author: Jesska

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