New Build-A-Bear Growlithe


Introducing the New Pokemon Build-a-Bear Growlithe: The Perfect Addition to Your Pokemon Collection!

The release of the new Pokemon Build-a-Bear Growlithe has generated a lot of buzz among Pokemon fans, especially those who love collecting plush toys. This latest addition to the Build-a-Bear collection is currently only available online in the US store, but it is expected to be released in other regions soon, including Australia.

Growlithe is a beloved Fire-type Pokemon with a loyal and fearless personality. With its striking orange and black striped fur, bushy tail, and fuzzy tufts of fur on its chest and head, it is a perfect plush toy for any Pokemon Trainer’s collection. The Build-a-Bear version of Growlithe comes with a soft and snuggly sleeper, a cape, and a 5-in-1 sound chip that adds an extra level of fun to playtime.

The inclusion of the 5-in-1 sound chip is a particularly exciting feature for fans of the Pokemon franchise. The sound chip allows the plush toy to make five different Growlithe-related sounds, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the toy. This feature allows children and adults alike to imagine that they are playing with a real-life Pokemon, making it a fantastic addition to any Pokemon-themed playtime. Sadly at the moment the custom Pokemon sound boxes are not available in Australia (just yet! some random ones have appeared).

Although the new Pokemon Build-a-Bear Growlithe is currently only available online in the US store, it is expected to be released in other regions, including Australia, in the near future. As with many releases of Build-A-Bear bears, it is not unusual for other regions to trail behind the US releases by a few weeks. However, Australian fans of the Pokemon franchise can rest assured that the Build-a-Bear Growlithe will soon be available to add to their collection.

In conclusion, the new Pokemon Build-a-Bear Growlithe is a fun and exciting addition to the Build-a-Bear collection, and a must-have for any fan of the Pokemon franchise. Its striking appearance, soft and snuggly materials, and interactive 5-in-1 sound chip make it a fantastic toy for children and adults alike.


As of today he is now available in store in Australia! Make sure to call ahead before heading to your local Build-A-Bear.

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