HARIO Lampwork Factory Glass Pokemon Accessories


The Pokemon Center and the glass accessory brand “HARIO Lampwork Factory” collaboration!

For the first time ever Pokemon have collaborated with HARIO to give us amazing glass jewelry accessories. These accessories are delicate and beautiful, manufactured carefully one at a time by glass craftsman. Pikachu is the main Pokemon in this collection. Simple yet eligant, and each item comes in its own special box.

A lil about the craftsmen


HARIO Lampwork Factory A
The glass accessory brand HARIO, a domestic heat-resistant glass maker founded in 1921, has begun to make use of handicraft techniques of craftsmen. Numerous delicate and beautiful works carefully made one by one by craftsmen using the infinitely pure material “heat-resistant glass” are attracting attention from a wide range of generations.

Check out the video below on how they manufacture these delicate accessories from glass.

Now let’s have a look at the goods. Every design has a set. This means you can wear matching earrings with the necklace (purchased separately).

This collection will be released on the 7th of December in Pokemon Centers around Japan and online.

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