Highest Grossing Video Game Movie


Detective Pikachu has made it to the highest Grossing Video Game movie of all time!

The Detective Pikachu Movie has now over taken the previous record holder ‘Warcraft’. Warcraft sat at $433 million, until Warner Bros kicked it out of the park leading so far at $463 million. Crazy Right!?!?

Some people think the movie made a killing due to be released in additional countries like Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Colombia. Honestly I don’t believe this as the Pokemon fan base keeps growing larger and larger each day.

I believe it was a mix between the amazing graphic’s, different Pokemon story line and of course, Ryan Reynolds being the voice of Pika.

Detective Pikachu will be release on DVD & Blueray on the 21st of August. Keep an eye our for special editions as so far JB Hifi have announced a steel book edition.

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