Hisuian Voltorb & Hisuian Zorua Plushes


Hisuian Voltorb & Hisuian Zorua Plushes are coming to Pokemon Center Japan!

Today Pokemon Center Japan announced new Hisuian Pokemon Plushes. It was only last January that the first release of Hisuian plushes were released. This time we have Hisuian Voltorb & Hisuian Zorua. The Hisuian plush has wood like detail to match how it appears in the game, same with Hisuian Zorua with its extra long tail. The Pokemon Center is yet to announce any further info, but I would imagine just like the other plush they are around 20-30cm.

Lets have a look 🙂

Release date in Japan is April 29th, you can sign up your interest here for Hisuian Voltorb & Hisuian Zorua 🙂

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