Hisuian Voltorb

Hisuian Voltorb

Everything we know about the new Hisuian Voltorb!

Last week the Pokemon Company revealed a new Hisuian type Pokemon for the up and coming Pokeon Legends Arceus game. This time it was Voltorb! Can’t say I would of guessed that would be the next one! But at leaset Voltorb looks a lot happier now.

The Hisuian Voltorb also has a lightly different energy type adding in a Grass counterpart. I think this is the first Electric/Grass energy combination we’ve had. It also closely resembles the special Poke Balls used in Hisui, don’t want to throw a Voltorb by mistake and upset it!

The full game specs are below:

  • CATEGORY: Sphere Pokémon​
  • TYPE: Electric/Grass
  • HEIGHT: 1’8″
  • WEIGHT: 28.7 lbs.

What is the hole at the top of his head about?

I found this very interesting! Now bring a Grass type, the Hisuian Voltorb has seeds within it. Every now and again the Voltorb will sprout seeds shooting them out the top of his head. How the seeds are made or how many they carry inside is unknown to any trainers as hole in its head is pitch black.

The Hisuian Voltorb is also much friendlier than the common Voltorb. Sometimes when they get that excited, they set off an electric discharge. Even though this because of something good, its still a nuisance when they go off in villages. They say if you temporarily plug the hole on their head, you will have enough time to take them out into open spaces.

“Hisuian Voltorb is berry excited”

The Pokemon Company also released a short animation video on the new Pokemon. It’s about a Hisuian Voltorb collecting berries with its friends and what happens when they get excited!

Watch it below:

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