How to claim your free Shiny Zeraora

We smashed the Zeraora raid event, it’s now time to claim our prize!

To celebrate the release of the first Pokemon Expansion, the Pokemon Company released a Zeraora raid event. Zeraora was a level 5 raid, if you have a full team in your raid he’s not a problem to tackle. We had till the 28th of June to defeat Zeraora 1 million times world wide, in order to get a free Shiny Zeraora.

After only one week, we smash the goal and even exceeded it by 435,283!

Now how do we claim our prize?

First off you must have your Pokemon Sword or Shield game connected to Pokemon Home on your Nintendo Switch.

Deposit a Pokemon from your Sword or Shield game into Pokemon Home via your switch between the 17th of June till Monday July 6th PDT (now for us there is a bit of a time difference). This means we have until Tuesday the 7th of July around 9.15am. Adelaide SA Time

If you have done both steps above then you will be able to receive the Shiny Zeraora and Armorite Ore via Mystery Gift on Pokemon Home. This can only be done via the Pokemon Home app on your Mobile not on your switch.

The Mystery Gift goes live June 29th at 5.00pm PDT. For us it’s Today! June 30th at 9.30am Adelaide SA Time. So get ready!

Don’t panic if you haven’t connected your switch or transferred a Pokemon yet you have until 7th of July around 9.15am. Adelaide SA Time to get yourself sorted 🙂

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