Illustration Contest Promo Card Giveaway


Illustration Contest Promo Card Giveaway from the Pokemon Center!

Remember the Illustration Contest last year? Well now we get a chance to win three Promo cards of those illustrations. The Pokemon Company has announced a limited promo giveaway very similar to how they did the Delivery Charizard card (which was very disappointing for a lot of us). The Promos we get the chance to get are the three winning entries from the illustration contest, Bulbasaur, Arcanine, and Greninja.

The catch is just like the zard you will need to enter in your details with a US, UK or Canada address, then if your lucky you will get the promo code to use in cart, for the online stores. Keeping in mind whatever address you used on the entry form must be the country site you claim the promo on. You will need to also spend $30 worth on the store to claim your prize.

Register below! Goodluck everyone!

Register here!

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