Infinity Zone has washed ashore


The full set list for Infinity Zone has been revealed. And while it might look a little obvious it feels like a good time to remind some of our newer players that set cycles work differently in Japan and as result this set will be seeing it’s release alongside Explosive Walkers in the English Set ‘Darkness Ablaze’ set for sometime in August.

With this new setlist we also get to see the next update to the pantheon of Pokemon V cards. All of these will be with their English translations.

Houndoom V:  A solid Pokemon with 210 hp. Not the largest health pool but not the worst stat in the world. For 1 fire energy it deals 20 damage and leaves a burn, but what’s really nice is its second attack which, for 3 energy (2 fire and 1 colourless) it deals 100 damage with the added effect of dealing 100 if you have a benched Pokemon with damage counters.

Drednaw V: Coming in with the same health pool as Houndoom at 210 it comes packed with the ability to reduce incoming damage by 30 and a really nice attack in power bit for 3 energy (2 water and 1 colourless) to deal a very neat 130 damage and preventing the target from retreating which set’s it some for some very effective 2 hits knock outs.

Drednaw Vmax: Coming in at a monstrous 320 hp it retains the ability of it’s prior evolution which reduces damage by 30. It’s attach G-MAX stonesurge deals respectable damage at 160 with a coin flip to add an additional 80.

Cursola V: This guy is very interesting, with 190 hp it is very low in hp however it’s ability fits it into a very interesting niche. If it’s in the active position any energies attached to your opponents Pokemon deal 30 damage to those pokemon. It’s attack feels like a very nice sneaky KO pick-up tech dealing 60 to the opponents active and putting 3 lots of 10 damage wherever you want.

Rhyperior V: Sitting at a rock-solid 230 hp it’s a very honest Pokemon that does some very potent but simple things. For 3 energy (1 fighting 2 colourless) it deals 80 damage and you can knock an energy off your opponents active Pokemon. It’s second attack is an absolutely massive attack. For 4 energy (1 fighting 3 colourless) you can deal 210 damage which can pick up a KO on most of the Pokemon on this list so far, however it can’t do this attack twice in a row and with a 4 cost retreat it might get difficult to play around if energy denial doesn’t become viable.

Crobat V: Which was mentioned in the previous article is a really interesting little tech card which works in a manner very similar to Dedenne or Shaymin. It’s ability asset delivery, which activates when played, lets you draw until you have 6 cards in hand. However, a draw back this card has that the others didn’t is that it can only be used once per turn which is a shame. It’s attack deals 70 to active and poisons the Pokemon.

Eternatas V: is packing 220 health and a bit of dark energy acceleration for a colourless energy which is really nice early game but it’s second attack which for four energy (1 dark 3 colourless) It can deal an additional 120 damage on top of it’s original 120 to opposing Vmax Pokemon is the real star of the show for him.

Eternatus Vmax: seems to be packing a cool utility tool. With the equal parts a monstrous 340 hp it also comes with an ability that can expand the bench to fit up to 8 dark type Pokemon. Which is really interesting as it’s attack deals 30x the number of dark pokemon you have on your bench meaning it should be able to 2 hit knockout all of the other Vmax pokemon and from memory all the V pokemon to date.

Scizor V: Sporting 210 HP which is beginning to look like a common theme amongst Pokemon V cards it’s sporting two simple attacks that look to be a scaled down Rhyperior. It’s first attack for 1 metal energy forced your opponent to discard a special energy and, a perk that Rhyperior doesn’t have is that it almost forces off a Pokemon Tool . It’s second attack for 3 energy (2 metal and 1 colourless) just straight deals 140 damage which can consistently 2 hit knockout most of the stuff it faces.

Scizor VMAX:  It gets really fun for Scizor here as it boosts itself to 320 HP and gains access to 2 new attacks. The first for 2 energy (1 metal and 1 colourless) deals 90 damage and reduces incoming damage by 30 while it’s other attack for three energy (2 metal and 1 colourless) just deals a straight 190 damage.

Salamence V: Takes on a fun approach to spread. With 220 hp it’s slightly bulkier than most of the others. For 3 colourless energy it can deal 30 damage to all of your opponents Pokemon and for a 4th energy it can deal 160 to a single target.

Salamence Vmax: It has 320 HP and has some really nice tech to pick up Knock outs from the bench. For a single Colourless it can deal 40 damage to 2 Pokemon you opponents control and for 4 colourless it can deal 240 which will clean out the greater majority of Pokemon V cards however it can’t do this for consecutive turns.

Overall, we have a very broad range of very heavy hitters coming into the TCG very soon and it’s going to be fun to see how they shake up the meta. Let us know in the comments what cards you’re most excited to play with.

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