It’s a very Merry Pokemon Christmas


A Frosty White Christmas themed Pokemon Collection is coming!

It’s that time of year again guys. The cold, the snow, the whiteness, well not here in Australia it’s the opposite but we like to pretend. This year we have three main Pokemon in this collection Pikachu, Sylveon and Charmander.

We have lots of items in this collection, the standard sort of assortment but the plushes and the snowglobe would be the main items people will be after. Let’s check them out.

I would have loved to see some sort of Pokemon Christmas sweater or ugly sweater, but there is still 10 weeks till Christmas. Maybe even a Pokemon themed Christmas hat?

All these items will be released in Pokemon Stores around Japan and online on the 2nd of November. They wont make it till Christmas that’s for sure! Don’t miss out.

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