Japan International Trade is growing!


New PSA card clearance sale to fund moving??

Japan International Trade is not only moving but are opening a brand new store next month in Japan.

The store ‘name is yet to be announced’ will stock TCG like Yu-Gi-Oh, MTG and other Japanese cards games, but the majority of the store will be Pokemon.

This massive PSA card sale is located on Japan International Trade’s Ebay Store. Click Here to have a suss. The start prices are so low its ridiculous. You may even score a bargain without trying. I can’t say I have met one Pokemon collector who hasn’t bought from them at some stage.

We have been given a peak at some of the amazing cards up for auction. There are some beautiful green & blue back’s even I have my eye on.

All proceeds from this sale will help fund the move and help set up the showroom with displays and of course new stock. Japan International Trade is getting bigger and bigger! I’m sure with this new store they will be able to keep bringing new cards, at quality prices to people all over the world. Including us!

So jump on and get some bargains!

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