Japanese 25th Anniversary TCG set ‘Pokémon Celebrations’


The Japanese 25th Anniversary Set has been announced!

Just a few hours after the English release the Japanese release has now been confirmed, now we can see which set do we want? English, Jap or both? In the Japanese release there will be 28 cards + secret rares. Most of the Pokémon will be Mythical Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon with Holo cards. Makes me wonder? What will the secret rares be then? So far we can see the booster artwork, a cute as Mew card and the 25th Anniversary gold box.

I have to say having a Gold Box for the 25th anniversary is perfect! Looks at those Gold Promo Cards!

What’s included?

  • A gold Poke Ball card
  • A gold Pikachu V card
  • A 60 card deck that’s completely holo
  • A set of 64 “premium gloss” card sleeves
  • A foil stamped rubber playmat
  • Metal dice and condition markers
  • A synthetic leather deck case
  • A synthetic leather playmat case
  • A synthetic leather dice case
  • A Pokemon coin
  • 5 of the 25th anniversary promo packs


Japanese ALWAYS do it better and this just proves it! In addition to the 25th anniversary card expansion there will also be a Promo booster. If you buy four or more booster packs of the 25th boosters from any of the Pokemon Centers in Japan, you will receive a Promo Booster! Each Promo booster contains 1 of 25 iconic Pokémon Cards. As you can see below one of them is a OG Venuasaur! How beautiful is that card! It is the new holifoil design.

So we have a Venusaur in the Jap sent and a Charizard in the English set, surely a blastoise is in their somewhere? They wouldn’t leave out one.

This set it to be released in Japan in Pokemon Centers and online on October 22nd.

I have created an interest list for everyone to sign up too, you will be notified via email once the listing is up ?
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