Japanese Sky & Tower Secret Rares


Images of Secret Rares and Alt arts are being release from the ‘Sky Stream’ and ‘Towering Perfection Set’.

With only the release of the latest Pokémon TCG 2 days away, we always like to see little leaks of what’s to come. So far 12 secret rares have been seen, also including our new favourite alternative arts. Go on have a suss below!

Obviously I’m going to say the Dragonite Alt Art is the best! But their is actually some nice ones in their like the Rayquaza and Suicine (Man I’d love a good Entei one!). Both ‘Sky Stream’ and ‘Towering Perfection twin sets will be apart of our English Evolving Skies TCG but we are unsure which arts made the cut. They will be released in Japan and Japanese retailers on July 9th. Pre-Orders are still open here 🙂

Author: Jesska

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