Lapras Cafe at Miyagi Prefecture


A Lapras Cafe is now open in Sendai, Japan!

On December 17th, the Pokemon Company opened up a Pop Up Pokemon Cafe, the ‘Lapras Cafe’. The Pokemon Company has been working to boost Japan Tourism, trying to get people out and about again. This time Sendai is the place of choice, right in Miyagi Prefecture. This Pokemon Cafe is also went into partnership with CROSS B PLUS to make our dreams come true!

The Lapras Cafe will serve special dishes themed after Lapras and other guest Pokemon Like Geodude and Chansey. Check out the amazing food art, I would nearly not want to eat it haha.

Sadly none of us Aussies would be able to make it over there in time to visit this pop up cafe as it closes on the 16th of January. It also requires a reservation, and if you have ever been to the Pokemon Cafe in Osaka you will know how hard it is to get one.

Author: Jesska

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