Latias and Latios Splash Figure


The Pokémon Company have announced a new figure!

On Friday the Pokemon Company Japan announced a new made to order figure the “Latias and Latios Splash Figure”. This figure has a transparent pedestal that expresses the water splashes as they fly around each other. I really do love the Latias and Latios duo, I haven’t seen too much merch for them besides that beautiful tag team heart card. This new figure is a beautiful work of art and def a piece for any collector. As these figures are made to order I can imagine that the value will only increase once they stop production.

Lets have a look!

They even included the artwork that inspired the figure design. It is mesmerising.

The figure is made from PVC/ABC & PC. It is 16.8 × 18.2 × 13 cm in size and weighs 600g. Being a made to order product we have from today until 29th of November to place our orders. After that you will need to find a second hand one 🙂

We are currently taking orders here!

Author: Jesska

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