Legends Arceus Information


What do we know about the Legends Arceus new game so far?

If you wish to be excited on release day DO NOT READ FURTHER! This post includes leaks and information yet announced by Nintendo or the Pokemon Company.

OK. Lets get started. With the new pokemon game releasing next week, we knew that leaks and information would start to appear as retailers get their stock. So here is everything we know so far about the game.

Story Line

According to the leaker, Legends Arceus comes after the Sinnoh games as the sequel, rather than being the region’s origin story, with Dawn and Lucas traveling back in time from the future.


The Hisuian Pokedex has been leaked online overnight. The leak included images of the Hisuian form Pokemon as well as their types, the legendaries and how many Pokemon we can collect in the game.

  • The Hisuian Pokedex has a total of 242 Pokemon
  • The Hisuian form Pokemon and their types are below

Starter Pokemon

Nintendo already confirmed that the starter Pokemon in the new game will be the trio all from different regions. What we do know now is that their final evolution have Hisuian forms.

Shiny Pokemon

There may be more information on this but so far we do know that you can get guaranteed shiny Pokemon in Legends by doing special missions. Below is a shiny Ponyta that appeared after a mission was completed.

Pokemon Moves

There has been a big QoL change! For the first time in Pokemon games, Pokemon can learn multiple moves at the same time and then you can change your Pokemons ‘main’ moves at anytime within the game. I think this is a BIG game changer. Check out the short video below.

Pokemon Items

A full image of all Pokemon items you can get in the game as been leaked.

Pokemon Battles

You can battle multiple Pokemon at a time while in the wild. Just like the old school games.

Player Modes

We’ve all seen the short trailers released by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company of how we can run around and have a full 360 room of the game/area. Well now its been confirmed another player mode is available called a first person mode. Get up close with your Pokemon 🙂

Online Features

I am sure there is many many online features available and also others added later, but so far we know about one very interesting feature. There will be a Mystery Dungeon like area where you can recover/find items from other trainers. Snaps are below.

Random Pokemon Fact

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